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I confess, discovering methods to walk around security features isn’t really precisely the goal of this website. Nevertheless, while I was writing an article about CAPTCHA’s, I discovered incredibly interesting to discover how spammers and robots aimed to go around this technology. The capacity of it is big: not just could you send out remark spams on any blog site, you could also create an unlimited number of mail accounts, on Hotmail or Gmail for instance.

There are generally three methods to prevent CAPTCHA’s.

Utilizing character acknowledgment
Making use of bugs and flaws
Utilizing human labor

Character acknowledgment OCR (optical character recognition) softwares are getting better and better at discovering what text is consisted of in an image. Security companies as much as hackers can establish them. Essentially, the program scans the image where the visual CAPTCHA is inscribed and attempts to separate successfully the various letters and words. Once it has, it will attempt to check out each letter separately. When the software application succeeds at decrypting it, it will keep the image and the text in memory. By doing this, if it takes place to fall on the exact same one again, it will only have to look trough the memory to find the answer. The presence of this technique forces sites to use different CAPTCHAs every time.

Bugs and defects CAPTCHAs don’t have to be actual images. They can be any system that detects if the user is a robotic or a human. It does occur that these systems have defects in them. It might take a while for a hacker to find it, once he has, he can go through the “wall” without difficulty.

Human labor Yes, it does exist. When a robot finds a site with a visual CAPTCHA, it can send it to another server where it will be revealed to genuine humans that are accessing a certain site. Adult material websites are often used. This implies that if you come across one on a website that might not appear entirely legitimate, you may actually be giving the response of the CAPTCHA to a robotic, that is just waiting on you to place it in another site’s form.

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